Lexur's Desktop Data Verification   Hits The 3,000,000 Parcel Mark !


With the addition of 255,000 parcels to be completed by early 2020, Lexur Appraisal Services will have successfully data verified over 3,000,000 parcels at the desktop.

Since 2008, Lexur has completed 25+ reappraisal projects ranging in size from 19,000 to 450,000 parcels. With our Virtual Data Verification (VDV) application, which incorporates oblique aerial photography, street level images, CAMA data including sketches and GIS parcel layers, the process of doing data collection can be accomplished with remote access and meets the IAAO Standard on data verification.

The VDV system was designed by appraisers, for use by appraisers, and provides an efficient and effective method to complete the data collection/verification process. 

Time after time - Lexur Appraisal Services Delivers!

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