Virtual Data Verification

Our new Virtual Data Verification (VDV) solution uses the latest cloud technology to enable our experienced staff to verify a property’s attributes without having to send an appraiser to the field.

VDV meets the IAAO standard (3.3.5) as an alternative to on-site inspections and is a true integration of a jurisdictions’ existing resources.

Lexur is the industry leader in remote data verification services with over 3 million parcels verified using remote data verification techniques.

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The benefits of VDV are many, such as:

  • Lexur’s VDV application is a SaaS -Cloud Solution with the base architecture utilizing SQL 2008-R2 as the database interface.
  • The User Interface is a browser based interface, hence a true “thin-client” approach.
  • Internet Access – Security firewalls permitting, the authorized user can access to the system features from most PC or Windows Browser enabled device
  • Updates and patches are installed at the web-hosted server level only and doesn’t require deployment across multiple workstations. This feature alone will save a significant number of deployment hours, individual downtime and control with possible inconsistent version usage among multiple users.
  • In case of a disaster at the County or Company level, the Web Hosted solution is safely stored off site and still accessible by authorized users via the internet connection; providing a multi-tenant architecture base.
  • No downtime – VDV is literally available 24/7 - 365 days a year.
  • Not dependent on weather conditions which historically have at times hindered field appraisal operations.
  • Safe and reliable Mirrored Image Backups (MIB) off-site.
  • Full virtual audit trail of transactions (who, when, etc.), are built into the architecture of the product.
  • A built in electronic audit allows Instant Access to Management Queries to better manage the progress and quality control of the project.
  • Built-in work flow for data review, quality control, field checks, data entry and management oversight.
  • Reduces cost be eliminating costly travel time and expense. The application can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Therefore reducing costs to the Company and our Clients. 
Since the recent release of VDV in the 4th quarter of 2011, Lexur’s appraisal staff has successfully reviewed over 3 million properties.
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