Madison Co. (London, OH) Remote Data Verification

Madison County and Lexur Appraisal Services were the first in Ohio to utilize Remote Data Verification in a reappraisal project with the approval of the Ohio State Tax Commissioner and utilizing the guidelines of the IAAO Standard on Mass Appraisal of Real Property, 3.3.5 Alternative to Periodic On-Site Inspections.

madison co, london, oh, remote data verification

Desktop Review – Lexur, using GIS maps, oblique and ground level photography, CAMA data, and working remotely reviewed the County’s properties to satisfy the viewing and inspection requirements for the County’s 2008 Reappraisal Project.

Data verification of property characteristics was completed by Lexur’s appraisers working at the desktop in three remote locations in Butler, Muskingum and Logan counties. The appraisers used Yotta MVS’ Appraisal Review software application to manage the daily work effort and to visually verify and record property characteristics for each improved parcel. Daily production and property characteristics changes were downloaded to the County’s FTP site. The County then downloaded the changes to the County’s server and maintained the “master file”.

It took the three experienced appraisers 2 ½ months to review 13,619 homes, make 25,990 changes; 8,210 of which were to the sketches. The three individuals reviewed an average of 90 homes per day each, flagged 5% for further review and in the end, 1% required a site visit.

According to Jim Williamson, County Auditor at the time of the 2008 reappraisal, “Don’t do it to save money (but it may). Do it to increase accuracy and consistency. Do it to increase fairness and equity.” And further, this approach is “the next evolution for revaluations.”
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