Franklin Co. (Columbus, OH) Annual Maintenance

The Franklin County Auditor has contracted appraisal services for many years to maintain the County's 425,000 appraisal records. In late 2006, the County decided to try a different approach on how to complete the 34,000 per year appraisal changes.

Utilizing senior County appraisal personnel as a management team, the County asked appraisal organizations to provide appraisers who would work under the direction of the County. Lexur responded to the County's request and was awarded a one year contract to test the new process.

That first year, Lexur provided eighteen (18) appraisers and six (6) support staff. Under the direction of the County, and armed with laptop computers complete with GIS files, orthophotogrpahy, oblique aerial photography, street-level images, and remote access to the County's CAMA and Tax Administration files, Lexur completed the appraisal of the 34,000 value changes on time and under budget.

The project was so successful that Franklin County, after a bidding process, awarded Lexur two (2) additional years of new construction and assistance with the Triennial Update, a statistical value adjustment, required by State law every six (6) years. The Lexur staff increased to twenty-two (22) appraisers and eight (8) support staff. Again the project was completed on time and under budget.

During the update process, Lexur also held informal meetings with taxpayers over an eight week period at multiple sites throughout the County. Over 8,000 taxpayers were given the opportunity to discuss their individual property values on a one-on-one basis with Lexur appraisers.

Teamwork, Lexur staff working hand-in-hand with the County staff, has proven to be a very successful venture for the County.
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