Who We Are


Lexur Appraisal Services is an Ohio Corporation headquartered in Montgomery County, Ohio and a Vision Government Solutions Company.  We have successfully performed Mass Appraisal services in multiple states across the country.  We pride ourselves on being familiar with the different requirements set forth by each State where we have worked.

Years of experience. Trusted expertise. Industry leadership.

Lexur has years of proven mass appraisal experience and a trusted knowledgeable team of appraisal professionals. With 15 Ohio Certified or licensed appraisers on staff, Lexur's experience in the use of appraisal 'tools' in the appraisal process such as various CAMA systems, GIS, imaging solutions, etc. makes us the industry leader in incorporating new technologies for the appraisal process.

Founding Principles:

Lexur was founded based upon the following principles that have served as the basis for how we manage and operate our business.

  • Lexur is an appraisal service organization.
  • The appraisal process can be improved through the integration and use of new technologies.
  • Lexur has hired, developed and retained the best appraisal staff in the industry through investment in our people. 


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