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What You Need to Know About a Home Appraisal
Monday, November 10, 2014

Sure, there are numerous sites out there telling you what you should and shouldn’t do before your home is appraised. All of those sites have confusing, conflicting and even contradictory answers, too. It can be overwhelming simply because of the sheer volume of information thrown at you and you’re not sure which site is correct. Don’t worry, on the Lexur Appraisal blog, we have all of the information you need. Read on to find out some basics about a home appraisal before you call a professional to look at your home.

Want to improve your home appraisal?
Give the appraiser full access to your home. This way, you can inform the appraiser about what makes your home stand out from other homes in the area. Tell the appraiser about your home’s square footage, number of bedrooms, etc. Also, be sure to mention any recent home improvement projects. Replacing the floor, having new windows installed, adding on a deck, etc. all of these should be mentioned to the appraiser and can help with the value of your home in the long run.

What is looked at?
There are many factors a professional appraiser takes into consideration before determining the value of a home. So knowing what the appraiser will be looking at in your home is helpful. Consider the basic features, such as condition of the home and yard, number and size of bedrooms in the home, age of the home and overall functional living space. These are just a few of the many things an appraiser will look at to give your home a proper appraisal. If you are worried about the condition of any of these features in your home, then also read the next bullet point….


That’s right, a good way to improve the overall look of your home and improve the appraisal score is to clean. Remove any and all clutter in your home that can affect the living areas or that can affect the appraiser from doing his or her job properly. And cleaning isn’t just limited to the inside of your home; cleaning the driveway and yard is equally important. Take a power washer to exterior walls, mow the lawn, rake up those fallen leaves and even though we’re going into some colder months, add some plants or flowers to improve the look of your curb appeal.

Repairs and Improvements
If you feel it’s necessary to fix that leaky faucet or that creaky floorboard, it’s best to do it before the appraiser arrives. Having a list of all of the repairs or improvement projects you have done is beneficial to the appraiser. Home improvements and repairs can increase the value of a home, so making sure a home is in good working order is also beneficial to you. The repairs and improvements don’t necessarily have to be expensive ones; minor repairs like replacing the handles on cabinets, repainting interior walls or filling the hole in a wall are all crucial to have done and can improve the value of a home. Never overlook the small things that need to be done.

With a home appraisal, there are many factors to be taken into consideration before the process begins. If you want to get a good appraisal score or to improve an already established score, follow this list of tips and ideas the experts at Lexur Appraisal know. Is there something you didn’t see here and want it covered? Have more questions about the home appraisal process? Let us know and we will cover it in next month’s blog post!

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