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Lexur Appraisal Assists Stark County Ohio
Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lexur Appraisal Services has just completed data verification of appraisal data for 57,000 of Stark County's 200,000 properties. Utilizing Lexur's Virtual Data Verification (VDV) application, Lexur was able to verify the required property data, over the internet, in less than 90 days.

Stark County was in the middle of a State mandated six year reappraisal project and found itself behind schedule and looked for a way to complete data collection/verification on property in a short timeframe to meet the Ohio State Tax Department requirements.

Reviewing the County's needs, Lexur determined that Stark County had all the tools needed to implement the VDV process; street level images, ortho-photography, Pictometry oblique aerial photography, and CAMA data including sketches.

Lexur and its business partner, Digital Data Technologies, Inc. (DDTI) were able to import all the necessary information into the VDV application thus giving Lexur appraisers, working remotely, all of the necessary information to meet the County's requirements.

With the completion of the Stark project, Lexur has now verified property characteristics on over 1.1 million properties since 2008 with another 110,000 already scheduled for 2012.

In 2006 Lexur principals work with other industry experts and formulated a process to verify property data without physically visiting the property utilizing technology. This led Lexur to the State Tax Department in Ohio where the process was presented for approval. Ohio requires two visits to each property as part of the cyclical appraisal process. The Tax Department approved of the process and the rest is history.

Lexur was the first in Ohio to use the desk-top approach in 2008 and has pioneered the efforts for the last four years. Our experienced staff, excellent business partners, and the need to do things better at lower cost have attributed to the growth of the VDV efforts.
Data verification services utilizing VDV is now available for jurisdictions throughout the U.S. For more information contact Lexur at 1-888-430-4495 for more information.

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